Welcome to the Society Project.

*** Abandon all assumptions, ye who enter here ***
This work is NOT about Politics.  It is about Ending Politics!  
It will not be by ‘electing’ a new Politician or Party or through violence or civil disobedience…. and not via “all or nothing” extreme positions and emotional rhetoric that only increase conflict.    
Rather, gradually and realistically restoring a government OF the people instead of ABOVE the people and a society of virtuous citizens.  
Where’s the Republic of, by and for the people?
In the USA, we no longer have a government of the people but rather a government ruled by the two Political Parties, their Politicians and their self-serving narrative which they accept as ‘truth’.  Relying on the Politicians and their Government to protect you and keep you safe is like the sheep relying on the wolf to stop the hens from pecking at them. Yes the wolf will eat the hens but will eventually eat the sheep too.  Government is the biggest predator of all and has been eating up your time and money without you ever being aware of it.  All the while, in people’s complacency, they become more and more vulnerable and reliant on the government.  Soon…Wham the jaws will close on you, your family, friends and all you hold dear.  
It’s time to shed the wool that government education has pulled over your eyes and become aware and fend for yourselves with help from your fellow man, not the wolf.   
To repair our broken system, we will address:
  1. Fixing the System not just the Symptoms – through the Amendment process and not just through legislation  (which causes more symptoms and adverse consequences)
  2. Political Parties – Mitigating the absolute power of the two Private Corporations that effectively run the country without representation of the people.                                                                                        Final-Say-600-LA
  3. Repeal of the income tax amendment in favor of a consumption tax to replace all other taxation -with it’s revenues going to the states to distribute from the bottom up rather than to the Federal Government to distribute top down (and use the money to control the behavior of the states and the people).
  4. Large government trying to accomplish what smaller local government or the people can accomplish better.
  5. The systemic breakdown throughout the Federal Government and the corrupting influence of its overly concentrated power and money.
  6. The virtual “constitution” as re-interpreted and re-defined by the Supreme court; 
  7. The Federal Reserve “Stealth Flat Tax” which transfers the value out of your money into government spending and bank loans;
  8. The system of fractional banking that permits banks to lend out money 10 times over what they actually possess;  
  9. The bribery of “campaign finance” and the regulatory and tax favors it buys;
  10. The lack of compensation to victims of crimes by the perpetrators(s) and the ineffective and wasteful system of ‘punishment’ for crime; 
  11. Wasteful, impersonal social services that only further poverty through dependence;
  12. The false notion that Democracy (rule of the majority) can work outside of the small community; 
  13. The education system which no longer trains children to think but rather to censor their thoughts and become indoctrinated into ideas and propaganda alien to American values.
  14. The media who confuse reporting with editorializing and propagandizing.  We need to require Facts not opinion in reporting.  
Why should you care? 
How is this affecting you?  We’re a rich country, aren’t we?    Even the poorest live like a rich person compared to some places in the world.  So what’s the problem?   Guess what?  Over the last 100 years all of us should have been 100 times richer.  It’s not because the very rich are hoarding opportunity, we are the Land of opportunity.  The rich, in general, are not cheating or stealing somehow.  They put all their money back into investments, whose capital (money) is used to create businesses and jobs.  (Except for Political Cronies who do get favors at your expense) . 
The True reason we are 100 times poorer is that the government since 1913 has been stealing the wealth of every single American and foreigner that holds a Federal Reserve note.  The FED Note, we call a dollar, that promised 100 cents of purchasing power in 1913 now promises less than 1 cent in purchasing power.  The other promised 99 cents have been used up to pay for Federal Central government spending excess, crony subsidies, pork and bank profits. 
Reneging on the promise of value in the Fed Note, is the true reason for price inflation, higher State Taxes, cost of living increases, wages not keeping up with those increases and Stock Market Crashes.  
No Utopian pipe dream
Let’s face reality.    Until such time as mankind perfects itself,  there can be no perfect Society and no perfect government.   As long as egos are not mature, the motivations of Fear, Greed and the desire for power dominate.  
Therefore, a benevolent government, which is made up of those egos, is an illusion and reliance on it is a dangerous delusion.  
Communism, Socialism or a government by Political Party or any powerful group or leader will always result in corruption, mismanagement and creeping tyranny.  It has happened to every government throughout History.  The best government ever Constituted, the USA, lasted for only a few decades before Political Parties hijacked the power and instituted the decline that has led to today’s corrupted system which bears little resemblance to the Founding one.  
Reliance on the ‘Utopian’ idea of a ONE WORLD government, made up of imperfect, hostile, governments, such as the United Nations, is  even more divorced from reality.   World Peace, can not be instituted by government… only a World Police state.  We WILL NOT all just get along.  
There is a lot of information.  I don’t wish to overwhelm you. Take it slow… one chapter at a time.
How to Re-Constitute a Government OF the people, not Above the People
(and control the Government not the People).   

Table of Contents:

Part 1 – What’s Wrong

  1. Shake off the Propaganda
  2. Abandon your Assumptions.
  3. You know what’s real… or do you?
  4. It’s not as it seems
  5. It’s not about Politics.  It’s about how to end Politics
  6. How do we end Politics? – Overview.
  7. Why Me?
  8. The goal – Government in the small and Virtue from all.
  9. The government uses YOU as money.
  10. The right to ownership and stewardship of property – not re-distribution. 
  11. The Constitutional meaning of Welfare is not WealthFare.
  12. Who’s Zooming Who – A 5000 year history of Government in 5 minutes.
  13. Natural Rights and a Constituted government made the United States different and better. 
  14. Why not Socialism? The politics of Jealousy and Revenge.
  15. Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz.. for the USA, there’s no relief in this.  It’s a Systemic Problem that changing Politicians, parties or laws won’t fix. 
  16. The FED parasite that ate all our wealth.  – Stop Stealth Government theft.
  17. Jail is theft from society and welfare for criminals.  Justice is recompense to the victim and deterrence not punishment and revenge. 

Part 2 – How to solve the problems.

  1. Foundational American Values (FAV) – Avoiding a Police State through self-control and objective truth.
  2. The party’s over – Restore power to the people – Mitigate or Eliminate Political Parties.
  3. Government can best help… by helping less. – Limit Central Control 
  4. The Fairest Tax. – no tax except on consumption, equal rate for all, no exemptions, subsidy for poor and proceeds to the States 
  5. Equitable Solution to Same Sex marriage – government has no business granting religious marriage only a civil contract.
  6. Health Care is a responsibility not a right  – Restore Competition to lower costs.
  7. Avoid a Crash.  Drive the CARR (Constitutional Amendment Repeal and Repair) 


  1. How to know when a Politicians is Lying or when you are lying to yourself.


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Love your neighbor…uh who is that?
When a government takes over doing what People can and should be doing themselves, we all become strangers in our own land. We become estranged from our neighbors, since we don’t need to rely on them for help and we don’t need to help them.  Unless we are active in the Scouts, fraternal organizations, Church, Synagogue, charity or some community activity or cause, we don’t have any chance to work with anyone in our community and many times never even meet the people that live in the next house or apartment, much less the community.   We don’t watch out for our neighbor anymore because we are forced by restrictive laws and statutes to rely solely on the Police.  Personal relationships are lost, the sense of responsibility is lost, communities exist in name only and we become even more dependent on government.  
Human beings need community.  Without organic grouping arising out of natural interdependence, we seek community in artificial groups such as Political Parties, which divide our communities even further by demonizing and turning neighbor against neighbor of a differing Political party.  Political correctness replaces moral values, crime rises and Government steps in to do even more “for” us.   Moral relativism means no guilt and recrimination, and excuses and denial replace responsibility and duty.   Government Propaganda replaces truth and Politicians become estranged from the people and reality.  
To limit estrangement, crime, corruption, mismanagement and tyranny, government must be controlled, not the people.
Government Power must be limited and systems put in place to prevent accumulation of power.    
The reality is that Government, made up of corruptible, imperfect human beings, can not be trusted nor, even with the most saintly statesmen like George Washington, ever acquire enough real time knowledge or local action capability to manage any complex system.  
Government can not predict, much less control, the weather accurately, it is too complex and chaotic.  Neither can any government manage the free market, prices, wages, health care, retirement or any other complex or chaotic system.  No rule or set of rules will cover all the eventualities, or do so correctly; nor will everyone follow or enforce those rules.  
Simple, clear purpose and principles give rise to complex and intelligent behavior. Complex rules and regulations give rise to simple and stupid behavior. Dee Hock
In human systems, rules must arise organically from the individual participants, as they do in a market free from government interference.  Violators of organic rules are shunned and a legal system is formed to judge and mitigate damages.
The good news is: there are standards for self control and a governmental system which can mitigate that which is motivated by Fear, Greed and the desire for power and encourage perfection.  
The effects of Greed are mitigated through eliminating  centralized control of the economy by monopoly business, crony capitalism, centralized planning and over-regulation.   A free market of voluntary trade creates order out of anarchy by distributed processing of information (million of intelligent people concerned with a small portion of the market) into intelligent and accurate pricing and supply to meet demand that a small group of central planners, who lack the information or the real time ability to respond, can never duplicate.    Pricing built by the entire market transmits knowledge people could not obtain individually.     
The consequences of the desire for power are mitigated by separation of power, elimination of moral hazards that are sure to corrupt, and controlling the accumulation or monopolizing of power by business and government.  
Actions based on Fear can be civilized by managing the power of government, accumulation of money from the people and not fanning fear through Propaganda and Political Conflict.    
As a general rule all three are mitigated by a voluntary system of trade, a market free of coercion by government and monopoly, with rules risen organically by the participants, where both parties win.  Voluntary, by definition, means both parties want to make the trade.  No one is forcing them.  That happens because each person sees value in their side of the trade.  A collector pays a fortune for a comic book that the seller puts very little value on keeping.  Win win.  A farmer sells his produce for a profit to the city dweller who has no interest in farming.   Win win.   The military protects the country and individual’s property and life.  We agree to trade taxes to support this because it is a win win.  The specific powers granted to the government by the Constitution are all win-win trades.  Most, if not all, of the other powers taken on by government are win-lose.  Charity by individuals is a win win.  The giver feels good or gains respect and the receiver benefits from the contribution.  Government charity is immoral  because the government has to take money or goods from the people before it gives.  The people taken from lose and only the government and the receiver gain.  That is the reason theft is immoral.   It is a win-lose transaction.  A thief gains and the victim loses.  
Most of the standards and systems were in place at the writing of our constitution and led to a an age of prosperity and innovation not seen in the history of mankind.   However, most of  those have been corrupted and the USA has become much like the monarchy it rebelled against.  Instead of King George we have King Democrat or Republican when one political party controls Congress, the Presidency and by Judicial appointment the Supreme Court and a Royal Couple when two parties are in control.     
Hence the need for a Re-Revolution of our thinking and a reconstitution to Control the government NOT the people.  
Poverty is the result of a lack of voluntary, private cooperation.  If not from historical, ethnic or religious animosity it results from government interference.  In the USA from over-regulation, Crony favors, and propaganda; creating a victim and entitlement culture and strife based on Political orientation.
And now get ready to think out of the box.
What if – what you think you know, just isn’t so? 
What if – what you thought you knew, wasn’t true?
What if – the books from which you learned, must be returned? 
What if – what you were taught, is opposite to the independence for which we fought?
What if – I stop the rhyme and save some time. 🙂  

But first the Kangaroo Disclaimers (for all those who are ready to jump to conclusions :-). 

The United States is still the only country that I want to live in.  It still has the best economy and the most opportunity compared to the rest of the world.  However, it is sick and broken.  Just not quite as sick and broken as some other places.  
I celebrate what does work in the US,
The military code of Honor;
The boys and girls scouts;
The fraternal organizations such as the Elks, American Legion, Freemasons, Knights of Columbus Shriners etc.;
The Charities, Churches and Synagogues and their adherence to a covenant of self control and charity;
The principles of the original Constitution and the guidance of Providence;  
Small towns, local government and Police; 
all the businesses that people are able to start etc.. 
I have high confidence that we can end the system which is draining the economic life and individual freedom, liberty and virtue out of our society, by addressing the true root causes and correcting them via  Constitutional Amendment Repeal and Repair (CARR). 
I will not be recommending any violent or sudden changes.  No poor, aged or disabled people will be hurt by the transition from the current broken system .  They will still be cared for after restoration of a government OF the people instead of Over the people. 
I am seeking to empower you with new information and enrich you with a means to increase your happiness and wealth.  I know something that you don’t.  But that does not make me any better than you or anyone else.  I will share this information with you and if you act on it together with like minded people You will change your life and rekindle the light to the world that this country can be.   I have no ego investment in the education you are about to take advantage of.  I get no money from it either.   So, please don’t feel that I am trying to diminish you in any way.  Put down the torches and pitchforks.  They won’t be needed.  🙂  This is truly for your benefit.
Making the case
I will explain why we all keep getting poorer (The stealth ways the government takes our wealth) and how to fix it.  I will also show you that central control of a large society is, in fact, an impossible pipe dream, due to the central planners lack of complete data and incapability of real time action. 
If man is not to do more harm than good in his efforts to improve the social order, he will have to learn that… he cannot acquire the full knowledge which would make mastery of the events possible.   He will therefore have to use what knowledge he can achieve, not to shape the results, as the craftsman shapes his handiwork, but rather to cultivate a growth by providing the appropriate environment, in the manner in which the gardener does this for his plants.
 Exercise of coercive power impedes the functioning of the spontaneous ordering forces [of millions of people] and the communications system which we call the market  – a more efficient mechanism for digesting dispersed information than any that man has deliberately designed. –  adapted from Friedrich A. Hayek’s lecture “The Pretense of Knowledge,” delivered upon accepting the Nobel Prize in economics, Dec. 11, 1974:
In a small town, you know your neighbors.  People participate in local organizations, school, band, football games, church, temple etc.   Young people become mature and learn values from the Boys and Girls scouts, become Police officers and serve in local government which is appointed from the people you know and trust.  Government, in the small, works.  
Large cities can be split into smaller towns with their own local government, police and courts to better serve the needs of the people.
Control of business works in the small because you, an intelligent Human,  know all the factors, bear the consequences of failure and are motivated to success within the moral rules established by the market.  This produces order in pricing, and enough supply to meet demand.  In the large, control by rules (made by central planners based on uninformed assumptions) means no intelligent human is in charge, prices are skewed and chaos reigns.  
Group-Supremacist Philosophies, which hold that the individual can be sacrificed for the good of the group, have already ruined the societies which the philosophies came from.   We who have had it so good, so far, are naïve in our acceptance of them.  I hope to remove that naiveté.
I will also make  a case for the prevalence of “manufactured consent”, as Noam Chomsky calls it.   The Political parties, which rule our government use propaganda, education and media to convert us to the Political and so-called “moral” platforms of the two private clubs (political parties) that have usurped control of our government.  They create dependency on government and remove risks via using your money to back various financial and social programs.  By doing so, they create a populace that avoids risk taking and just goes along.  Instead of entrepreneurs and social reformers, we get workers and dependable voters.   To cement their control and prevent their ouster, the parties divide and polarize us with lies, smears and negative ads to the point of vicious infighting among the people and the instilling of a false “Team Spirit” to fight the, artificially created villain of, the “other Party”.   An atmosphere is manufactured where relief from fear comes only through voting for your party rather than the original constitutional system of 435 people’s representatives, not affiliated and controlled by 2 parties. 
Because of the Political Parties complete control of the Political process and government policy, the people have not had representation and informed consent.  Therefore the policies created by these two parties, over the last 100 years, can not be legitimized by claims that the people voted for their government.   The vote was tainted by a lack of choices – one of two lesser evils (or evil lesser 🙂 and a choice of one of two Political platforms that were representative of the party’s needs and less or only peripherally representative of the people’s needs.  Thus unwanted policies have been passed that would not have been passed if independent representatives (435 in the House) voicing and voting for their districts’ needs had remained in place. 
I know all this has been made so complicated that you may have thrown your hands up and just want to get on with your life.  I will make it simple and understandable and cut through the layers of Bull the Parties, and their Politicians, have smeared on, to deter you from seeing the Parties’ true nature.   
If we don’t do what will be outlined, the country will inevitably sink into financial ruin and third world economic status.  The government will steal even more from the dollar and you, no matter how wealthy, will feel not just a pinch, but a rip that will tear your world apart.  I hope I haven’t scared you (Actually I hope I have 🙂  But don’t worry, it won’t happen so quickly.   We still have time to stop it, if you read, understand and take action. 
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